Thursday, February 9, 2012


Felons should be allowed to vote. The first reason why a felon should be able to vote is because they are all human beings and they should be treate exactly like everyone else. Just like the speach MLK wrote we should all be treated equally and that is also the golden rule" Treat others how you want to be treated". The second reason I feel this way is because they already are either serving thier consaquenses or have served them and wan to start a new beggining. The last reaon I feel that felons should be able to vote is because when you vote the "Whole Nation" is suppose to be voting and over 19 percent of people in america are felons so that would bair. These here are the reasons why I feel felons should be able to vote.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Semester Goals

One of my goals for this semester is to get a 3.0 GPA. To reach my goal I know I have to take responsibility by being on time to my classes and making sure I finish all my work. Something that will help me reach this goal is an alarm clock and a planner. By having a alarm clock I will wake up early enough to get ready and eat breakfast so I dont get distracted during the day. A planner is a good idea because it will help me not forget what to study and what the homework was. The main reason I want to reach this goal is so I will be able to move back with my family, My grandma told me if she sees improvment in my behavior and I get good grades then I will be able to move back. By the end of this semester I will know I've reached my goal by getting off of 2hour and getting my report card and seeing all A's and B's.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Presuasive paragraph

     At San Pasqual Academy, the students are given a restriction. A restricton means you are not allowed to go outside , make phonecalls, or have any visitiors at your house. I disagree with this because I belive it is not fair for us foster kids to get (3) days restriction everytime we cuss at staff. I personally can use my valued time building my social skills, exercizing, going off campus doing fun outings with my housemates. Therefore, I belive San Pasqual Academy should not use restrictions as disciplinery action.

   Firstly,  I can improve my social skills by hanging out with new people that just moved to S.P.A. For example when I was givin a 3 day restriction for cussing at my staff I had nothing to do and it made me get into more trouble. I was opening my window trying to sneak out to go to the gym and have fun. Staying indoors caused me to have more stress and I felt more depressed.

     Secondly, I can get more exerscze if im not indoors. For example I run track and like to go run 2 miles everey day but if im on restriction im not able to stay in shape, release stress, and feel good about myself. This restriction makes me feel like a caged animal not able to have any freedom and this is antoher reason I disagree with having restriction.

    Lastly, San Pasqual Academy is isolated in the middle of nowhere. The houses are allowed to go off campu if the girls want behavior is acceptable. However there are times when the kids are having troubles in thier personal lives and take thier anger out on staff . Unfortenatly the staff would give the kid restriction for three days. This would prevent me from fun house outings and I would have to be put in another house while the other kids are out having fun.

     In closing, I disagree with San Pasquals restrictions and feel that a different consaquence should be given to the foster kids. Because the will miss out in Social skills, Exercize, and fun outings.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

chinease imports

I interviewd my tbs worker kesia. She thinks it is not a good idea because it benifets china because the get all the profit and it does not help america at all

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Grandfather Homework

The special person I picked in my life is my older sister Destiny. A thing that symbolizes my sister is a heart my sister is very loving and caring. Me and my sister have alot of stuff in comman but one thing is we are twins but I call her my older sister because she was born first and then me. The second thing that we have in comman is we are both girly girls and are favoite colors are pink and red. The third thing that we have in comman is the way we dress whenever we go shopping we always end up picking up the same things and buying the same kind of stuff. I love my sister very much and I dont think I could live without her.